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  • professional advice on selecting motorised curtains and blinds and integrating them into a home automation system
  • clean, dust-free installation
  • wiring and electrical connections
  • motor and controller configuration
  • servicing of electric curtain and blind systems
  • we work in cooperation with professional architects, designers, and electricians
    other decoration services

Custom-made blinds and drapery hardware

Motorised curtains, curved tracks, and electric Roman blinds

We offer made-to-measure electric curtain tracks, sets of curtain poles, and motorised Roman blinds systems. They can be installed in residential or commercial spaces alike. Thanks to the availability of different control systems, many of our products can be integrated into new or existing smart homes.

Motorised curtains

Custom-made:electric curtain tracks, motorised pole sets

Electric Roman Blinds

Sizes V-XL to match the width of a window, up to 7 meters high

Individual solutions

Corner windows, bay windows, roof windows, skylights and winter gardens

We can integrate motorised curtain tracks and electric Roman blinds into your smart home system. No matter which protocol is in use – be it Z-wave, Wi-Fi, RTS, or io-homecontrol – your curtains and window blinds can become 'smart’

Controls for motorised tracks and blinds

Radio control, Z-Wave, WiFi

The Z-wave modules of the Fibaro Home Center can be used to control electric curtains, blinds, and many other devices.

There is a growing demand for increased standards of home furnishing. Nowadays, it is no longer enough for an interior to be just cosy, spacious, or elegantly furnished. People want their homes to be user-friendly, highly functional, and totally safe. Smart home systems have been developed to meet these expectations. They allow home owners to personalise their living space according to their individual needs and preferences and to make living there as comfortable as possible. The installation of an automatic curtain and blind system is a good way to raise the standard of living in any house or apartment.

Using the Somfy Tahoma system, you can operate motors using a tablet, a smartphone, or even a smartwatch.

Sterowanie bezprzewodowe do rolet i zasłon

Curtains and blinds as a part of 'Smart home' solution

Smart apartments, smart homes, domotics, IoT – how does it all work?

Each smart home system is equipped with a number of wired or wireless modules and sensors. Before the system can be started, it has to be programmed using the control panel to define the automatic operation of various devices in different pre-programmed scenarios. Home automation systems are widely used to manage the heating, air conditioning, and remote monitoring systems. Other popular uses include the opening and closing of windows; operating garden sprinklers; motion, smoke, and flood detection.

As part of our offer, we connect and service curtains, roller blinds and other kinds of blinds (e.g. Roman blinds), integrating them into an existing or new home automation system. All the devices can be operated automatically, by voice command, or using a remote control, smartphone or tablet.